If you want to make money from home, then you are in the right place. In this post, I will show you sure ways to make money online in 2018 without investing a single dime! Making money online from the comfort of your home has never been as easy as today. You just need some guidance and perseverance Keep Reading.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

You recruit affiliates for your brand to draw in leads for you. They can be thought of as salespeople who work on a commission basis. This commission is entirely up to you to decide. Whether you pay them according to the sales they generate or on a flat fee per product basis.

But how do you keep track of these sales? You do so via affiliate links which are customized links you provide your affiliates with. They share the link with their social media circles who, in turn, can use the link to visit your site and make a purchase Keep Reading.

Here are some tips on creating a successful email marketing campaign

Customers prefer email to other methods of marketing. They show it by purchasing 138% more goods than people engaged through other marketing methods. They’re 3X more likely to share your content on social media when they get it in a B2C email marketing campaign Keep Reading.


Whatever kind of business you work in, great content is at the core of your marketing strategy. It’s hard to know which topics and themes to focus on and how to be sure the content you invest in is reaching the right audiences. This eBook will show you how you can use social data to solve those problems.

You’ll discover how it can help you to understand


No money? Don’t worry about it. There are ways to get started in affiliate marketing without spending a dime.  And no matter how you get started your business can always evolve and grow so just because you got started on a free platform does not mean you have to stick with that forever. In fact, your free webpages can bring in money that will help you grow your business and then can serve as assets by providing places for you to put links to your own websites, once you create them. Keep Reading.

Types of Online Advertising for Businesses to Increase Traffic

36 Email Marketing Ideas to Increase Business Revenue

Finding fresh email marketing ideas for your next campaign can stump even the most seasoned pros. While the big picture goal may seem obvious – to increase revenue for your business – there are many smaller goals to be conscious of when planning your next marketing move. Goals like providing value, establishing authority, and increasing […]

Target Your Customers With These Top 10 High-Performing Types of Content Marketing

Content marketing has become one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes and industries. However, when it comes down to developing your strategy, it can be difficult to decide which types of content marketing you want to use to grow your business. Below, we’ll discuss the top 10 high-performing types of content marketing and […]

10 Email Marketing Trends That Will Help Your Small Business in 2018

80% of consumers prefer email as the primary method of outreach from a brand. How you leverage this marketing tool determines whether you engage subscribers or find your ROI falling flat. Email marketing without the right strategy leads to a lot of tedious work without the payoff. But these email marketing trends are connecting with people. They’re turning […]

How to Plan and Execute an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing we have today. Why? Because it works. People exchange billions of email everyday and they will continue to do so. The number of emails sent daily is growing and is expected to reach a whopping 246 million daily emails by the year 2019. This […]

5 Email Blast Examples from Small Businesses & What We Like About Them

When it comes to engaging modern consumers, few platforms have more power than email. According to the research firm Radicati, by 2019, there will be an estimated 2.9 billion email users globally. Statista reports that at the same time within the United States, there will be more than 251.8 million. This means that email provides […]

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers. With how accessible the internet is today, would you believe me if I told you the number of people who […]

Email Subject Line Best Practices: 8 Simple Hacks to Boost Open Rates

Let’s face it, without email subject line best practices in place, making your email marketing campaign a success can and will prove to be a difficult task. If people don’t find your subject lines interesting or enticing enough, they may trash your emails without reading them. Or even worse, label them as spam. Salesforce reports […]

8 Simple Techniques to Improve Your Email Open Rate

Improving your email open rate will undoubtedly have a direct effect on your bottom line. After all, email marketing generates more money per dollar spent than any other medium. Per $1 dollar spent returns are: Email: $41 Search Engine Marketing: $22.24 Display Advertising: $19.72 Social Media: $12.71 Mobile Marketing: $10.51 As you can see from these […]

Remarketing vs. Retargeting – What Do They Mean & How Do I Use Them?

How many times have you visited a website, browsed the pages, added items to your cart, and then left without making a purchase? This happens to a lot of modern consumers who either get distracted by something else or decide to take more time to think about their purchase. And this is exactly what many […]

Top 25 Benefits of PPC Advertising & Why You Should Be Using Google Advertising to Grow Your Business

This comprehensive list will blow your mind. You will be thankful you read this. Small businesses are using PPC & Google Advertising to increase sales. PPC advertising, or pay-per-click advertising, is often referred to as Google advertising, search engine advertising, or paid search. PPC ads appear on Google, above the organic search results. Below we have […]

Email Personalization: How to Make Your Business Emails Inviting, Not Creepy

Email marketing remains one of the most effective tools in your digital marketing toolbox. And in the age of personalization, it should come as no surprise that consumers prefer a personalized email. In fact, according to Aberdeen, email personalization increases click-through rates by an average of 14% and improves conversions by 10%. Yet, many marketers are still not personalizing […]

7 Proven Ways to Get More Quality Email Subscribers

Email is the only medium that allows businesses to cost-effectively send highly customized content straight to a specific customer. And yet only 30% of email subscribers buy anything from a brand’s weekly emails. With a statistic like that you have to wonder: Are businesses missing something? There are endless ways to get more email subscribers. But […]

Improve Your B2C Email Marketing Campaign With Our Expert Advice

77% of B2C customers prefer email to other methods of marketing. They show it by purchasing 138% more goods than people engaged through other marketing methods. They’re 3X more likely to share your content on social media when they get it in a B2C email marketing campaign. This leads to a new customer you can […]

6 Simple Steps to Integrate Your Email Marketing Campaign With SEO

Email is one of the oldest digital marketing channels, but it’s definitely not out of date yet. As the matter of fact, studies prove that an email marketing campaign is still highly productive for businesses: More than 60% of consumers say that an email marketing campaign influences them to make a purchase. For every $1 […]

5 Steps to Developing a B2B Email Marketing Plan

Getting consumers to make a buying decision, especially with B2B email marketing, is no walk in the park. But when done right, you can generate a ton of business with the power of email. It has been done in the past, and it can be done again. How you carry out this marketing depends on […]

What is Email Marketing & Why Does My Business Need It?

At its most basic level, email marketing is the use of email to promote your business. It is used to cultivate relationships with potential customers, keep current customers informed and updated on your brand, offer coupons to encourage customer loyalty, and more! It is a direct form of marketing, similar to marketing through snail mail, […]

Powerful Email Communication That Actually Resonates With Your Customers

According to Statista, the average marketing email open rate is less than 15%. This abysmal performance isn’t because people don’t want to open emails. They signed up for a reason. They haven’t unsubscribed. You can clearly attribute it to your email communication skills. Better communication equals better email. That’s open rates in the 20’s or higher. That’s increased conversion rates. […]

Effective Email Marketing That Actually Leads to Conversions

Despite the prevalence of newer digital marketing methods, effective email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and generate conversions. 94% of Internet users use email, while only 61% use social media. In addition, a larger portion of your audience is more likely to see your message via email. […]

8 Essential Skills Every Support Manager Must Have

You worked your way up from your first role in customer support as a rep on the front lines, and now, you’re managing a high-performing customer support team. You might feel like all of your hard work has prepared you for this promotion, but when you actually start in the new role, you realize what […]

How to Build a Customer Referral Program

Set Your Goals List Possible Customer Referral Sources Make a Plan to Reach Out Identify Your Referral Incentives Create Resources to Alert Your Customers Set Up Tracking Say Thank You One of the basic tenets of customer success is using your service to create advocates for your business. A happy army of satisfied customers can do a lot […]

5 Ways to Create a Crazy-Successful Sales Campaign [+ Templates]

In modern sales automation, it’s easy to make your small team of five feel like an army of 50 reps. But more volume isn’t always the answer to successful campaign outreach. If you have email automation and dialing tasks queued up for your sales team — but are wondering how to turn the corner with automated […]

Email Lead Generation Methods to Maximize Conversions

Even with all of the new communication outlets available to marketers, email remains one of the best ways for small businesses to reach and engage their audience. Email allows you to communicate with a target audience through a reliable channel. But how can you generate new leads for your business through email? Below, we’ll discuss why you […]

How To Create an Email Newsletter That Wows Your Customers

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create an email newsletter that’s sure to impress your customers and build long-term relationships with them? Look no further! We have all the tips you need. Email has been around since the early 1990s and has grown exponentially in popularity for marketing purposes. If you’re a business […]

The Best Email Segmentation Ideas and Tests for Small Businesses

After initial research and discussions with other business owners and our business partners, we began noting some basic questions that surround email segmentation and where the lack of functional understanding lies. This blog will help you, as a business owner, achieve success through email segmentation by answering those same questions you have. Increasing market competition […]

How to Write Professional Email Subject Lines that Improve Open Rates

Do people judge books by their cover? Of course they do. But a lot of it has to do with the book’s title. The same goes for emails. People do tend to judge the content of an email by reading the subject line. In fact, it has been found that more than 30% of your […]

Best Email Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business

Every business has goals to meet, and yours is no different. The goal could be generating more leads, building a stronger brand, getting more sales or all of the above. Digital marketing can help you meet your business goals, as long as you choose the right channels. Today, we’re specifically going to focus on giving […]

5 Email List Building Tactics for Small Businesses

Email is one of the most widely used forms of communication we have today on the web. And also the most important one. People value their email inbox a lot more than they value their Facebook or Twitter inbox. Why? Because email is personal, and it is bound to remain that way. Still, there are many small […]

Email Best Practices Used by Successful Entrepreneurs

Email marketing is an essential component to any digital marketing strategy. Billions of people use email. It’s the driving force behind customer acquisition as well as retention. And it is a direct way to engage with your audience. A lot goes into crafting the perfect email, curating your email list, and setting up automations. These email […]

Grow Your Small Business with Targeted Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a new term to many small business owners. In fact, some of them have embraced email marketing to such an extent that it has become an important strategy to grow their customer base and build a strong relationship with their prospects. One of the reasons they are seeing results is because […]

7 Proven Ways to Get More Quality Email Subscribers

Email is the only medium that allows businesses to cost-effectively send highly customized content straight to a specific customer. And yet only 30% of email subscribers buy anything from a brand’s weekly emails. With a statistic like that you have to wonder: Are businesses missing something? There are endless ways to get more email subscribers. But […]

Permission Based Email Marketing

When a door-to-door salesperson shows up, you act like you’re not home. If a telemarketer is calling, you don’t answer. These kinds of salespeople are accustomed to rejection. They know most people don’t want what they’re selling. For the most part, this form of interruption selling has gone by the wayside. Then enter email marketing. […]

Selling on Social Media: The Ultimate Guide to Profits

The term ecommerce is no longer a phenomena. In fact, it’s the now the norm and almost expected for brick-and-mortar stores to also have the ecommerce option for customers to purchase goods online. Will selling on social media soon become the norm too or is it just a fad? We’re here to tell you that […]

Blogging for SEO

7 SEO Blog Traits of Blogs that Rank Well in Search Engines Blogging is a powerful way to boost your search rankings, help customers who are interested in your products and services to find you, and build trust and goodwill by showing your expertise and giving your clients value before you ask them to buy […]

Social Media – 10 trends to track in 2018

Social Media. Whether you want to admit it or not, social media is slowly creeping more and more into our lives. It’s hitting us with pictures and stories and live streams and carefully crafted videos. More and more people are ditching the traditional career path to become content creators, lifestyle influencers, and bloggers. But how […]

Search Engine Marketing – SEO – PPC

How to Get More Clients Through SEO and Search Engine Marketing Did you know that, for some businesses, over 60% of your traffic comes from search engines? From our years of experience in helping small businesses to attract more clients, we’ve concluded that any effective marketing strategy requires the use of both pay-per-click advertising and search […]

Strategic Referral Partnerships

Ten Elements You Need to Create Strategic Referral Partnerships Referral Partnerships – when I was running product management for a software company the first thing I tried to do when launching a new product was fill in the missing features of our solution through the creation of strategic partnerships. In my five years of coaching […]

Law of attraction in marketing and business

How to Use Gratitude and the Law of Attraction to Grow Your Business Faster Thanksgiving day is here, and we have a great deal to celebrate – including the fact that our gratitude helps to draw even more blessings to us through the Law of Attraction.  In fact, without gratitude, there can be no effective […]

SEO Content Marketing Strategy

As the business world evolves, content marketing has risen to increasing prominence in the field of client attraction. People are tired of having ads that give them no value pushed in their face, and they’re looking for useful, actionable information that they can consume on their own terms, and that makes their life better in […]

Direct Response Marketing done Consciously

We work with lots of people who hate being pushy and they immediately get frustrated when they think about asking for a direct response – yes or no – decide right now.  People that like to help people don’t want to be pushy or force people to make a decision.  Unfortunately, we are all business […]

Small Business SEO – Blogging and Keywords

Small Business SEO – How to Use Blogging and Keywords SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential if you want your customers to find you. Without it, you’re all but invisible to search engines and the people who use them, so those customers are likely to find and buy from your competitors instead. The trouble […]

How small businesses can see big results with foundational SEO

Whether you are just starting on your search engine optimization (SEO) journey or have been at it for years, there’s a good chance some part of your site can be improved. In fact, from the hundreds of small business websites we look at every year at Bowler Hat (my agency), it is rare we see […]

Branding and your keyword strategy

What’s the difference between your brand and your keywords? Are you using both effectively? Your brand is one of your most important keywords, but it shouldn’t be your only keyword, nor should you have lots of keywords but no brand. There should be a keyword strategy behind the keywords you pick. This post highlights the […]

How to choose the perfect focus keyword

Regularly adding quality content to your website in a blog is a good SEO strategy. Google sees that your website is active because new information is added and you increase the volume of your content. If you have crafted your keyword strategy properly and your content is nicely optimized for the right keywords, adding content will increase […]

What is the mission of your website

Before you start making any improvements on your website (SEO, UX or otherwise), you should ask yourself: what’s the mission of my website? Why should people visit my website, read my posts or buy my stuff? What’s the purpose of my website? You should be able to answer these questions in a heartbeat. In this post, […]

Content maintenance for SEO

As your site grows, you’ll have more and more posts. Some of these posts are going to be about a similar topic. Even if you’ve always categorized it well, your content might be competing with itself: you’re suffering from keyword cannibalization. At the same time, some of your articles might get out of date, and […]

Facebook traffic: What’s the current status?

Facebook is becoming less important as a source of traffic to your site. We wrote about it before, but mid August a lot of internet-sources reported that Facebook “did not care about publishers”. Joshua Benton wrote a nice and nuanced article about the matter, in which he also shared some interesting statistics. Facebook is indeed […]

7 keyword research mistakes you should avoid

Not executing your keyword research correctly Doing proper keyword research can be a tough, time-consuming process. So, perhaps you think that you don’t need to do it very extensively. You just instinctively know what your audience will search for, right? Do not make that mistake! Take some time to really dive into the language of your audience. Which words do […]

Why I’m Still Blogging After 6 Years & Being Trolled

I started this blog turned something-maybe-slightly-bigger in July 2012. Most years around this time, I take a moment to reflect on why I blog as an academic and why others might want to as well. Past reasons—which I wrote about in 2013, 2014, and 2017—still resonate with me. Blogging builds an audience of readers, collaborators, friends and fans, […]

Why Emily Contois Is Still Blogging After Six Years

blogging anniversary is typically a happy event: an opportunity to celebrate all the things you’ve shared with the world in the previous year, the connections you’ve made with your far-flung readers, and the new skills and knowledge you’ve gained. For food scholar Emily Contois, the sixth blogiversary was a bittersweet one. As she recounts in a recent […]

Create a plan to boost your leads and sales from online marketing

Do you have a clear, integrated strategy for digital marketing? Our Managing Digital Marketing research report shows that, incredibly, given the importance of digital marketing, nearly 50% of businesses still don’t have a clear digital strategy. Lack of clarity in online marketing means that you probably don’t have clear goals for digital marketing or the right KPIs […]

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