5 Powerful Law Firm Marketing Ideas to Propel Your Practice Forward

Regardless if you belong to a major firm or a small local one, the key to any successful law firm lies with how you market your services and expertise. Let’s be real, brainstorming law firm marketing ideas for your practice is filled with the challenges of managing a number of digital marketing efforts.

Gaining the awareness and trust of your clients is key to gaining their business, so we want to give you 5 powerful law firm marketing ideas and strategies that will give your firm more visibility, and quality leads ready to hire an attorney from your law firm.

  1. SEO Best Practices

When it comes to law firm marketing ideas, it’s important to consider that most folks hire local law firms so that they can meet and communicate with their attorneys easily. And these hired attorneys provide services based on the needs of their clients. With this knowledge, we can discuss the first strategy for law firm marketing: search engine optimization, SEO for short.

SEO is the practice of utilizing specific goal-oriented strategies to get your site ranking higher in search engine results pages, or SERPs. Managing SEO takes an investment of time that law firms typically don’t have to spare. Lawyers spend hours preparing cases, so leave the technical side of SEO to our.

Whether someone is looking for a place to eat or a good attorney, they’re looking it up on their smartphones and tablets. And you can pretty much guarantee either Google or Siri are in the mix of things. Your law firm needs to appear on the first page of Google’s local listings, especially considering that 55% of all clicks go to one of the first three organic search results.

To give you an example of how powerful SEO can be take a look at one of our client case studies and how we helped a small business generate $96,664.98 worth of SEO Results in 5 months. With opportunity like that, you can’t afford not to consider SEO in the mix of your law firm marketing ideas

  1. The Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing for law firms brings in 55% more visitors to your website and 67% more leads. So, by creating reliable content, you create a trusting law firm with credibility, which is essential for capturing potential clients. Whether or not a person contacts your firm or not is a direct result from the content you’re generating on your site. Essentially, your site can either make you or break you.

First ask yourself, what is your website’s overall message? Consider the following law firm marketing ideas for your website:

  • Easy to read. Don’t trip up your potential clients with legal jargon that they won’t understand.
  • Easy to navigate. Your contact information is the most important here since clients will need to speak with someone in your firm before hiring.
  • List your areas of practice. Your clients come to you for need-based services, so cut down their search time and clearly list your areas of practice like the example below.

Additional law firm marketing ideas include making sure your firm’s profile listing on Google, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, and other profile pages are filled out with all of the pertinent information including address, phone numbers, website, and law practice categories. Adding your legal website to these directories increases your visibility for search engines and potential clients.

These directories are broken down by location, allowing local searches to yield a smaller number of listings. With a consolidated list of firms to choose from, your firm has a higher probability of being seen. Higher visibility = an increase in lead generation.

Other local directories include those run by your local bar association, your city, and any other organizations, including Rotary groups and business administrations. To add your business to some of these directories, you may have to join the organization.

Blogs are a vital aspect of many company’s marketing strategy. Only 26% of firms maintain a consistent blog, and only a mere 7% of attorneys maintain a blog for professional purposes. To ensure that your law firm is marketed as efficiently as possible, it’s essential that you start a blog on your website. Why? Because a blog that features high-quality content draws people to your law firm’s website. You become a legal resource, which leads to more consumer trust in regards to your law firm’s services.

Your blog should share exciting and informative articles as items relate to your law firm while establishing a professional tone. A blog not only has the potential to increase page views, but it also has the makings to increase your site’s domain authority, and in turn, its search engine ranking.  These are all great feats in the marketing world and positive for the success of your law firm.

Maintaining a blog and legal content marketing on a regular schedule can consume hours of an attorney’s work week. Those hours are valuable to you. Don’t sacrifice them. Instead, hire an agency to do it for you! Considering 39% of lawyers say they were retained by clients due to their efforts in content marketing for law firms, we’d say making the decision to hire a company to help you maintain consistent blog posts is worth the effort.


  1. Get Noticed through PPC Advertising

Sometimes organic marketing and brand building isn’t always enough to get your firm at the top of the SERPs. Because of this, pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising is one of the fastest law firm marketing ideas you can use to boost your firm’s visibility.

Since hiring a lawyer typically only occurs when there is already a need for one, Google Ads is the best PPC platform for law firms to invest in. You can create ads that will be shown to users searching for specific queries, allowing you to appear at the top of search results when potential clients are actively looking for you.

You can also run remarketing display ads to capture more potential clients. Run campaigns targeting users who have recently visited your site but didn’t reach out to contact you. This can give them the push they need to get back in touch.

As we previously mentioned when discussing the importance of SEO, 55% of all clicks go to one of the first three organic search results. But what about the other 45%? They are likely heading to the Google advertisements listed above the organic searches. Here’s what comes up in the Atlanta area when searching for an “intellectual property lawyer”:

From the image above, we can note that these paid advertisements clearly take up the majority of the page. We also see that the search results yield local law firms in the Atlanta area without distinguishing to Google where we are searching for an attorney, making Google ads near the top on our list of law firm marketing ideas.

Our experts can help you create a plan for PPC ads that will yield the most results for your budget. Need proof? See how we used Google Ads to increase sales by over 457% for three small businesses.

  1. Social Media as it Relates to Law Firms

Figuring out which social media platforms your firm should be on depends on the type of law you practice. For example, suppose you’re a divorce attorney. Because it’s a B2C service, Facebook would be a better bet to advertise on than say, LinkedIn.

But, suppose your firm specifically provides legal counsel to small businesses. Because it’s B2B, LinkedIn would be a better choice than Facebook.

Social media is sort of the power house of brand presence these days. Facebook still remains the most popular social media network with 79% of internet users in the U.S. logging on the site. Although social media isn’t necessarily a law firm’s biggest marketing channel because people are typically less inclined to share things about their legal problems online, it’s still crucial that firms are present to provide information to their client base.

According to Hubspot, 87% of Gen X’ers and 70% of those ages 45-60 think brands should have a Facebook page. It provides humanization where a website may not. Share your blog posts, videos, and other informational material for quality content.

Need pointers on how to run your own Facebook ad? Check out these 4 genius ways lawyers can use Facebook ads and gain more customers.

When considering law firm marketing ideas, don’t forget the simple act of staying active and responsive on Facebook messenger. This allows your firm to show its attentiveness to your clients.

Because what’s more instant than an instant message, right?

Trends show that people are calling less and opting for Facebook Messenger to communicate with businesses. It’s always smart to make sure the right people are receiving these message notifications so that they can be responded to quickly.

LinkedIn is the land of professionals, and is a great platform for your firm to post relevant and useful legal content. Attorneys can create their own LinkedIn profiles in addition to a firm’s main page. By each attorney creating a profile, you’re putting human faces on your firm, which is important for people to relate and in turn utilize your services.


  1. Email Marketing: Your Old, New Best Friend

Life happens, and it’s likely that one time or another your potential clients and the family members of those clients will find themselves needing legal representation. The great thing about this is that, often, families and friends recommend their own trusted representation to one another.

This translates to every time you take on a new client, it’s typically for life and respectively the lives of those they recommend your firm to.  One of the easiest and most inexpensive law firm marketing ideas to capture the attention of these people firsthand is through email marketing.

With 9 billion people using email applications, and 92% of adults checking their email on a daily basis, it’s a good idea to get a newsletter schedule in place to take advantage of the potential clientele in need of your legal expertise. Newsletters allows for optimization of your click-through-rates, leading newsletter subscribers to your website and contact services.

Email has been around longer than social media and other modes of marketing. And one might think that this means it’s become irrelevant. But as the figures show, it’s still very much a key and trusted mean of communicating a message to a given audience.

Your firm likely has an extensive database of past clients, but you may not know exactly how to capitalize on those connections. An email newsletter can be a great way to maintain those relationships and keep your firm fresh in people’s minds. For a law firm, it’s important for clients to be kept up to date with the latest happenings in your law practice.

Consider the following content topics to highlight in your next newsletter:

  • Recently won cases
  • Welcoming new employees to your community
  • Noting changes in local or state laws regarding your particular services
  • New firm initiates and goals
  • Season-specific topics like how to prepare your car for winter weather

Through our email marketing services, we design your newsletter, keep up with email list maintenance, and provide your email marketing reports so you can know exactly what content appeals to your clients.